Reduce Gum Pockets to Save Your Smile

Deep gum pockets can make your smile look and feel unhealthy. Worse, without treatment, gum pockets make it easier for disease-causing bacteria to become trapped under your gum line and cause gum recession, tooth loss, and bone loss.

Periodontists Roger B. Parkes and R. Clarke Stewart provide various methods of pocket reduction at Periodontal Associates of Jackson. P.A. in Jackson, MS. Whether you decide to undergo traditional gum flap surgery or laser-assisted surgery, you can enjoy a healthier-looking smile and reduce your risk of serious systemic diseases for years to come.

Treatments to Eliminate Periodontal Disease

Dr. Stewart explains the basics of periodontal disease. His periodontal treatments can help eliminate common conditions and prevent more serious ones. His proven expertise has helped many patients achieve excellent oral health.

Do You Have Deep Gum Pockets?

When your gums are healthy, they fit snugly around the base of your teeth. But when your smile is affected by gum disease, your gums pull away from your teeth and resemble "pockets."

During your dental exam, our dentists will measure the depth of your gum pockets to determine your level of gum disease. If your pockets are too deep to be effectively treated with scaling and root planing, we may recommend a pocket reduction treatment.

The Treatment Process

We will begin the treatment by numbing the treatment area so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. Depending on the complexity of your case and your own level of dental anxiety, we can also administer deeper forms of sedation or anesthesia.

Side view of a tooth affected by decay
Pocket reduction takes scaling and root planing a step further to more thoroughly remove bacteria from the gums. 

During the treatment, one of our doctors will create an incision in your gum tissue. He will then remove the bacteria from the roots of your teeth, smooth the surface of your roots to prevent future bacteria from latching on, and suture the gum tissue back in place. This traditional form of pocket reduction is known as gum flap surgery. If necessary, he can combine this surgery with regenerative procedures to restore your gum tissue, as well.

Pocket reduction is an important procedure that can improve the health of your smile, reduce the risk of serious health issues, and restore balance and symmetry between your teeth and your gums.

At Periodontal Associates of Jackson, P.A., we also offer an advanced form of pocket reduction using lasers known as the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). Rather than using a scalpel during your surgery, we will use a laser to target bacteria inside of your gum pockets, remove diseased tissue, and encourage your gums to reattach back to your tooth. Unlike traditional gum flap surgery, this procedure does not involve incisions or sutures and is associated with a much shorter recovery period.

Benefits of Pocket Reduction

No matter what type of pocket reduction procedure you decide to undergo, the treatment offers many distinct benefits, including:

  • Preventing additional damage: When left untreated, gum disease can cause additional tissue, tooth, and even bone loss. Pocket reduction prevents more bacteria from entering these spaces and causing further damage.
  • Saving time and money on future treatments: Investing in pocket reduction now can prevent the need for future restorative treatments such as bridges or dental implants.
  • Improving your overall health: Because deep gum pockets leave room for bacteria to hurt your smile, eliminating your gum pockets can decrease the risk of health issues such as heart disease and stroke that have been linked to gum disease.

In addition to its health benefits, a pocket reduction procedure can also help you improve the look of your overall smile by restoring the balance between your gums and your teeth.

Ensuring a Healthy Smile

Pocket reduction is an effective procedure that can improve the health of your smile, reduce the risk of serious health issues, and restore balance and symmetry between your teeth and your gums. To find out whether this procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained doctors by requesting a time online or calling us at (601) 956-1230.

Dr. Roger B Parkes and Dr. R. Clarke Stewart

Periodontal Associates of Jackson, P.A.

Our periodontists, Dr. Roger B. Parkes and Dr. R. Clarke Stewart are committed to providing patients in Clinton, Ridgeland, and Jackson, MS, with high-quality care in a comfortable setting. They are affiliated with several professional organizations, including:

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  • American Dental Association
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To schedule a consultation at our periodontal practice, contact us online or call (601) 956-1230.

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